WA’s 130MW Badgingarra wind farm officially opens

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    • Energy output from the wind farm could power 115,000 Western Australian homes
    • The 130 megawatt wind farm will be co-located with the Badgingarra Solar Farm

    Energy Minister Bill Johnston today officially opened APA Group’s new Badgingarra Wind Farm in Hill River, 220 kilometres north of Perth.

    The $315 million Badgingarra Wind Farm consists of 37 wind turbines (3.6 megawatt) and will be co-located with APA’s $40 million 17.5 megawatt Badgingarra Solar Farm, which is under construction.

    Badgingarra’s potential annual energy output is equivalent to powering about 115,000 Western Australian homes.

    The project has received a network access connection offer to the Western Power network (North Country region).

    Together with APA’s nearby Emu Downs Wind and Solar Farms, the projects create a 247.5 megawatt renewable energy precinct.

    Comments attributed to Energy Minister Bill Johnston:

    “I’d like to congratulate the APA Group and everyone else involved with the construction of the Badgingarra Wind Farm.

    Renewable energy is also called clean energy because it does not produce pollution.

    “It’s well recognised that a major transformation is underway in our State’s electricity sector, with rapid uptakes of rooftop solar panels and battery storage systems at households.

    “This transition is expected to continue in the coming decades and is being replicated in electricity sectors all over the world.

    “Projects, such as Badgingarra, illustrate the great potential we have in Western Australia to take advantage of these changes, particularly in creating valuable regional opportunities.

    “The McGowan Government is committed to minimising the costs of the transition to renewable energy technologies, which is why we’re developing a Whole of System Plan and Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap.”