Twin reports offer B.C. government timely advice to inform a resilient recovery

VICTORIA — Dan Woynillowicz, senior associate at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the B.C. government’s release of the Emerging Economy Taskforce and Innovation Commissioner’s reports:“Beyond the challenges B.C. faces from COVID-19, the challenges associated with climate change haven’t disappeared. Last week, Premier Horgan acknowledged this, saying he aims to put CleanBC, the province’s climate action plan, at the centre of economic recovery efforts.“The reports from the Emerging Economy Task Force and Innovation Commissioner are well-timed to support this planning, as both provide recommendations for how B.C. can leverage existing assets. Whether it’s in our world-leading cleantech industry or our clean power supply, there are opportunities to strengthen and rebuild our economy while getting people back to work and cutting pollution.
“Climate solutions are central to an increasingly low-carbon economy, and a resilient recovery plan can help enhance B.C.’s competitiveness. Key to this is to follow the innovation commissioner’s recommendation that CleanBC be used as an economic driver. “Thousands of British Columbians have lost their jobs and some won’t have jobs to return to. This an opportune time to align government support for training and retraining with the emerging economy.

“As B.C. starts rebuilding, the government will need to be strategic in where and how it invests stimulus, seeking out projects that aren’t just “shovel ready” but “shovel worthy.” In other words, projects that support the things we want more of in society: well-paying jobs, affordability, Indigenous reconciliation and climate action.”

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