Tesla to unveil Model Y electric SUV next week, says Musk

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The Driven

Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla is taking another big step next week, with news that its new all-electric SUV will be unveiled at its Los Angeles Design studio.

The news of the imminent unveiling of the Model Y comes hot on the heels of the base Model 3 release, and price cuts for the Model S and Model X versions,. The Model Y also completes Musk’s promised acronym for the company’s first four models: S3XY.

As is Musk’s modus operandi, the announcement was made via social media channel Twitter.

He followed this up with the news that the Model Y will be cost approximately 10 per cent more than its cousin, the Model 3 – meaning it could start as low as $US36,500 ($A51,535 at today’s rates, plus shipping, GST and other add ons) for a standard range, base version.

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It will also have exactly the same battery as the Model 3 – using 2170 cells produced at its Gigafactory – but about 10 per cent less range due to a heavier body.

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