Tesla slashes price of Powerwall 2 battery by $2,000 for VPP customers

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One Step Off The Grid

Tesla has unveiled a deal for South Australian customers that will cut around $2,000 off the price of a Powerwall 2 home battery system – but only for members of the company’s virtual power plant program.The discount – which reduces the cost of a Tesla’s 13.5kWh Powerwall to $3,499 (plus installation) from its usual price in S.A. of $5,700, which is already less than half of the normal retail price elsewhere courtesy of the state government’s home battery scheme, which offers subsidies of up to $6,000.
South Australian solar households who sign up to the Tesla Energy Plan can get the heavily discounted battery after they access the state subsidy – in which Tesla has become the latest participant.Tesla then offers these households “a brand-new type of energy plan” that promises no daily supply charge, $300-plus of savings a year, and the lowest energy usage rate in the market, on top of the usual solar feed-in tariff of 10c/kWh.All this is run through Tesla’s retail and VPP partner, Energy Locals , who also connect the households to Tesla’s expanding Virtual Power Plant, which uses excess some solar generation to support the broader grid.

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This VPP has ambitions to grow to 250MW, or 50,000 customers. The first and second trial stages – totalling 1,100 customers appears to be largely complete. This new offering also appears to be doubling as a test case for that expansion to the 250MW target.To read more of this story, please click here to find the original on our sister site One Step Off The Grid.