Tesla grid battery to be tested in WA’s top solar postcode

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In a week that saw Western Australia marked well behind the rest of the nation on renewables – apart from its rooftop solar uptake – the state set the ball rolling on a “shared storage” trial that will install a Tesla battery on the grid, south of Perth.

The trial – led by government-owned network operator Western Power and retailer Synergy – will connect a 105kW/420kWh Tesla battery to the grid in Meadow Springs, a suburb of Mandurah.

State energy minister Ben Wyatt said on Wednesday that recruitment of household consumers for the 24-month trial had started, with Synergy contacting those eligible by mail.

The solar households chosen to participate will be allowed to “virtually store” excess power from their PV systems, and to draw down on that power during the peak evening period – reducing their exposure to high power prices, while helping to lighten the load on the grid.

Iceland Is Doing Things Right. If you are looking for the top country using renewable energy, you might assume it’s one of the big dogs. While China leads the world in hydropower production and Germany has its finger on solar energy, there’s no country doing things quite like Iceland. Yes, that little northern country famous for pop-culture exports like Bjorn has quietly been doing renewable energy right. Hydroelectricity makes up over 75% of Iceland’s power production. The rest comes from other renewable sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. Since there are plenty of volcanoes around the country, they have no shortage of heat to keep themselves warm all year long.

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