Solar Insiders Podcast: Killer whales and chasing solar rebates

Print Friendly, PDF & EmailThe Solar Insiders podcast resumes after a holiday break, with a nature reminder of why we are in this business, and a question over what Victoria does next.

On our holidays we discovered areas which have 90 per cent solar penetration and tracking technology on a human scale. And we are reminded, while peering below the ocean surface at the marvels of coral gardens and the awe-inspiring whale sharks and killer whales, exactly why we want emissions free generation.

We also look at the Victoria rebate scheme, which sold out its July quota in just three days, and wonder if further improvements can be made. And we wrap up some of the latest news on solar around the world, and on electric vehicles.

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Costa Rica went entirely renewable. Well, almost. The residents still drive gas-powered cars, but the electrical grid used 98% renewables for the year. That’s an incredible feat, and one that larger countries have been unable to accomplish. Of course, the smaller population and the pleasant temperatures have some effect but does little to dampen the accomplishment. Costa Rica has become a positive example to encourage larger nations to follow suit.

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