Seven turbine scheme submitted

Proposals for a wind farm in East Sutherland have been submitted. The development would be on a site about two miles east of Rogart, 5km north-west of Golspie and 1km south of the operational Kilbraur wind farm. The application for South Kilbraur wind farm is from renewable energy developer Wind2, which has staff in the Highlands, Perth, Edinburgh and North Wales.

The company has offered those closest to the wind farm – within 4km – the opportunity to reduce their energy bills either through a contribution to their electricity bill or by offering home energy efficiency grants.

The firm claims the community benefit package could bring the equivalent of to up to £3.5 million to the area over 25 years.

In addition, Wind2 has been exploring potential opportunities for the communities around the site to acquire a direct stake of up to 5% in the project.

With an installed capacity of up to 28 MW, the proposed South Kilbraur wind farm will be delivered without any public subsidy, with the potential to generate sufficient electricity to meet the needs of around 22,000 homes and offset 39,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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The wind farm would comprise seven wind turbines, each with a maximum blade tip height of 149.9 metres.