Perth’s Scotch College installs 512kW solar, cuts grid power usage by 25%

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A 120-year old private school in Western Australia is expecting to save around $235,000 a year on its energy costs after installing an impressive 512kW of rooftop solar.

Scotch College, a 1,500-student, 50-building facility located in Perth’s western suburbs, has installed 1,280 PV panels across multiple rooftops of the senior, junior/middle and maintenance school areas.

The system, installed by energy services business Verdia, will displace about 26 per cent of the school’s grid electricity use, including from a 50 metre pool, multipurpose library, and a large dormitory big enough to house 170 boarding students.

“It’s cheaper and cleaner than grid power and is a working example to students of a 21st century distributed power system,” said Verdia CEO Paul Peters.

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For the school, the cost of the system is expected to pay for itself in just under five years and save the school $4 million in reduced energy costs over the life of the assets.

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