Number of Australians ready to buy electric vehicles has tripled

Source: Pixabay

Print Friendly, PDF & EmailThe DrivenConsumer awareness of electric vehicles in Australia has reached a tipping point, with the number of people currently researching the electric vehicle market in Australia with an intention of buying an electric vehicle tripling.The Electric Vehicle Council’s (EVC) latest report, State of Electric Vehicles, reveals a shift that is rapidly gaining momentum, most tellingly illustrated by an increase in significant indicators such as buying intention and researching to buy.
According to surveys used to gather data for the report and conducted by the NRMA, RACV and RACQ on behalf of the EVC, 100% of drivers are now aware of the relatively new form of transport that offers lower running and maintenance costs, health benefits and naturally, a lesser contribution to carbon emissions, even when powered off a coal-fired grid.The report shows that the number of people currently researching EVs with an intention to buy now has more than tripled, jumping from 1.8% in the 2018 report to 6% this year, while over double the number of Australians said they had spent time researching EVs at some point compared to 2017.

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Attitudes towards EV ownership. Source: EVC State of Electric Vehicles report 2019.To read the rest of this story, please click here to see the original on our EV-focused website The Driven.