New Med-TSO head elected from Sonelgaz

The head of Algeria’s Sonelgaz has been unanimously elected to serve as the new president of Med-TSO. Chaher Boulakhras, the current CEO and chairman of Sonelgaz, will take his position for three years. He replaces Tunisia’s Moncef Harrabi, who is also chairman of Societe Tunisienne de l’Electricite et du Gaz (STEG). Coronavirus had forced the Tunisian to stay in his post for longer than three years. The meeting to elect Boulakhras was held by video conference. “Med-TSO must work to become a professional and strategic organisation for all issues dealing with the Mediterranean electrical system, a competent proactive guide to which all the European institutions and Mediterranean actors for networks could refer,” said Boulakhras.

“The long-term vision of this association, as I see it, is to promote the integration of the Mediterranean electric and energy system in an effective or efficient way.”

Boulakhras takes his position with immediate effect. The meeting continued with a report from the executive board and approval of the company’s financial statements for 2019. Med-TSO has the aim of driving an integrated regional electricity transmission grid. The company was established in 2012 with responsibility for more than 400,000 km of power lines and 19 Mediterranean countries.

Solar power isn’t just a daytime deal – power from the sun’s rays can be stored in salt and used at night too. A power plant in Spain soaks up sun by day and pumps out 7 hours of power to the surrounding area by night.

The body works on a number of aspects of the power sector in the area, including an examination of a shift towards renewable energy and increased gas use.

There is increased interest in the use of solar power in Algeria. The Desertec initiative had first intended to export power generated in North Africa across the Mediterranean. This plan has evolved and now suggests the export of hydrogen.