Energy Insiders Podcast: Oliver Yates and what the public doesn’t know


Print Friendly, PDF & EmailFormer CEFC boss Oliver Yates joins Energy Insiders to talk about the lessons he learned from his recent Kooyong campaign and why the renewables sector needs to get its messaging right.Yates says that while the industry might know that benefits and cost advantages of renewables, many in the public believe that clean coal is a thing, and that even nuclear might be a good idea. The renewables sector is just not getting its message through.

Yates says more effort is needed. The mainstream media is partly to blame, but the renewables industry needs to lift its messaging game. In the meantime, investments will continue, but without a clear policy it risks being haphazard and more expensive than it needs to be.

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More Than Meets The Eye With Renewable Energy. Most people assume they have renewable energy all figured out. You’re probably familiar with the typical forms of it, like solar and wind. You’ve probably encountered a whole slew of statistics about the benefits renewable energy has to offer to you and the planet. While this is all useful information, don’t underestimate what renewable energy is and has to offer. There are plenty of surprising facts and statistics for you to learn about. Whether they encourage you to become a Star Energy Partner with us or help you impress your friends at a party, you will find this information useful. Here are a few surprising things about renewable energy.

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