Energy for Society: First international conference on energy research and social science

02 February 2017

Energy for Society aims to examine the relationship between energy systems and society. It will cover a range of topics revolving around the intersection of energy technologies, fuels, and resources; and social processes and influences - including communities of energy users, people affected by energy production, social institutions, customs, traditions, behaviours, and policies.

With the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, it is evident that in order to achieve Goal 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all), the interaction between energy and society will need to be examined in greater detail, and solutions to address the energy trilemma (security, equity, and environmental sustainability) will need to be found in concert with technological advances.

If it could be properly harnessed, there’s enough sunlight that falls on the earth in just one hour to meet the world energy demands for a whole year! Our whole energy problem would be solved if we could somehow find a way to harness solar energy more efficiently.

The conference will include:

1. Energy and Social Theory/Social Practice

2. Energy Consumption and Behaviour

3. National Energy Politics

4. Energy Institutions and Governance

5. Energy Equity and Justice

6. Innovation and Timescales in National Energy Transitions

7. Energy Transitions

8. The Water, Food, and Energy Nexus

9. Distributed and Community Energy

10. Energy Affordability and Poverty

11. Energy and the Environment

12. Other

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