E.On awards SPCS UK’s ‘largest’ domestic PV cleaning contract

E.On has handed Solar Panel Cleaning Services (SPCS) what it claims is the largest domestic solar PV cleaning contract in the UK.

E.On has installed solar on more than 3,500 properties after working with councils and housing associations across the country. Cleaning of the panels has already begun, with all systems to be completed by the end of 2020.

Darren Box, part of E.On's Business Energy Solutions team, said: “Our customers rely on E.On to provide expert energy advice on lower carbon solutions and a long-term guarantee of reliability. Our agreement with SPCS is part of delivering that excellent service to keep their energy sources working efficiently now and for the future”.

Renewable Energy Market Will Be Worth US$ 777.6 Billion By 2019. In a research done by BusinessWire, the world’s renewable energy market is expected to increase to $777.6 Billion by this year, enjoying an annual compounded growth rate of 10.3% since 2014. At this rate, it might break past a trillion dollars before 2025!

Hayley Gjerstad, managing director of Solar Panel Cleaning Services, said they are “delighted” to be working with E.On as SPCS expands in the solar PV cleaning market.