CWP unveils Scottish mega-farm plan

UK developer is looking to build an 80-turbine wind farm in southern ScotlandUK onshore developer Community Windpower (CWP) has revealed plans for an up to 560MW mega-project in southern Scotland.The Cheshire company has kicked off scoping with Scottish ministers for the Scoop Hill wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway consisting of 80 turbines.
CWP is eying hardware with a maximum tip height of 240 metres for the scheme located five kilometres south-east of Moffat.

Each turbine would have a capacity rating of between 5MW and 7MW, the company said in a statement.

Scoop Hill will provide a considerable contribution to climate change targets, including the Scottish net zero target by 2045 and the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand from renewable sources,” it added.

In 2016, California’s renewable energy firm SolarReserve commissioned the world’s first 24/7 solar power plant in the Nevada Desert; powering 75,000 homes for 3 hours a day.

“The proposal could prevent the release of more than 1.1m tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and more than 44 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the 40-year operational life of the scheme.”