Australia to get all-electric Volvo Polestar in 2020

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The Driven

The flagship all-electric vehicle from Volvo’s Polestar brand will be available in Australia from next year, it has been announced.

The Polestar 2, which is the second to bear the Polestar name but the first full electric vehicle from parent company Volvo, will arrive in late 2020 and be available for sale online.

The Polestar 2, which is a premium 5-door liftback style vehicle, is considered a serious contender to the domination of EV pioneer Tesla.

First unveiled at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, it has a 78kWh battery, dual motors offering 300kW power combined, 330Nm torque.

And, with a targeted 500km range, the Polestar could be well accepted in the Australian marketplace.

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable sources of energy like hydropower, wind and solar do not directly emit greenhouse gases. Did you know? Scientists believe that greenhouse gasses are the culprits behind global warming.

Polestar, which evolved out of Swedish-Chinese Volvo’s first eponymous plug-in hybrid vehicle, is being set a target of up to 1,800 vehicles to be sold within its first 12 months in Australia.

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